Game Changers Summit

As a member of the Host Committee of the inaugural Game Changers Summit, I would like to invite you to what I believe it will be a life-changing event. The Summit is hosted by Crisp Video Group, one of the leading and most innovative companies in legal marketing today. 

The Summit will be held on November 9-10, 2018 at the Intercontinental Hotel in Atlanta, Georgia.

This two-day event will feature twelve exciting speakers who will share their thoughts on negotiation, perseverance, and the latest legal marketing strategies designed to elevate your practice. You will also hear from colleagues who will share how the power of video has transformed their practices and how it can take yours to the next level. I am proud to be asked to be one of the presenters.  

This Summit will be attended by hundreds of attorneys who are at the “cutting edge” in marketing their practices and I am looking forward to exchanging ideas and strategies with them.  I believe that one idea can change your life.

If you are interested in learning more about the Game Changers Summit, click on the Summit graphic below. This will be an investment in yourself that you deserve! I hope you join me in Atlanta. 



Rich Sierra, Esq. 

Florida Small Business Legal Center


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     $100 discount on the registration. This event will sell out. 


About Rich Sierra

Rich Sierra has represented hundreds of businesses and individuals with business-related legal matters since 2004.

The focus of his practice has been to serve the needs of the small business owner by providing cost-effective representation.

The firm focuses exclusively in providing legal services to the business community and individuals with business related issues.

Many of the cases that the firm has handled include: 

  • Breach of Contract Litigation
  • Franchise Disputes, Shareholder Disputes
  • Partnership Disputes
  • Representing buyers or sellers in the purchase or sale of a business
  • Serving as in-house counsel for businesses
  • Real estate litigation
  • Review of commercial leases
  • Non-Competition and Confidentiality Agreements
  • and many other legal matters that affect the business owner.

3 Considerations to Make When Taking Your Startup From Concept to Market

Did you realize that there are over 28 million small businesses in America? With all of the competition in the world of small business, finding a way to stand out from the crowd is essential.

Not only will you need an amenity-filled office rental to start your business, you also need a game plan on how to attract clients. Choosing a workspace that is both luxurious and affordable is essential when trying to put your best foot forward with prospective clients.

Be sure to make the following considerations to make when taking a startup from concept to market.

  1. Make Sure Your Business Idea is Viable

The main concern you need to have before pursuing a business venture is whether or not it is viable. If you are unable to make enough money to pay your office rental payment, chances are you need to find a new venture.

Doing a bit of market research is essential when trying to figure out if the product or service you want to offer is in demand. If you have competition on the market, do a bit of research to find out how well they are doing. While you need to avoid directly copying a strategy your competitor is using, you can borrow a few ideas.

  1. Know How You Will Fund This Venture

Figuring out how you are going to fund your startup venture is also important. If at all possible, you need to avoid going into debt when launching a new business. Consider venues like crowd funding or even angel investors when trying to get your startup off of the ground.

Operating on a shoestring budget is essential when trying to avoid financial issues during your company’s infancy. Taking on too much debt too soon can affect your ability to make ends meet in your office rental.

  1. Hire Employees Only When Necessary

In the beginning stages of your startup, you will be handling all of the work involved. The only reason you need to hire employees is to either expand your operation or to increase the levels of customer service being offered. Make sure the employees you hire are both experienced and willing to work hard.

At Elite Office Suites , you will have no problem getting an affordable and appealing office rental.

3 Things Your Workplace is Saying About You

Do you work to maintain your personal brand in your workplace?

Regardless if you are working in a cubicle, or in the corner office with a great view, your workspace tells your bosses, co-workers, clients and employees quite a bit about you. As a result, it’s no surprise that your workspace marks the best starting point in regards to controlling the narrative you tell about yourself.

If you are ready to spread the right message about you and your work ethic, then these tips may help.

Determine What Your Desk Says About You

When you begin adding personal touches to your workspace, consider the message they are sending. Be sure to consider each item carefully. Would certain things offend a potential client? Think strategically about your choices and don’t overwhelm the space with too much “stuff.”

Are You Overly Organized?

While having a cluttered workspace is obviously something you want to avoid, having a workspace that is completely bare may even be more concerning. If you don’t invest some type of personal care for the space, then it may communicate that you don’t view the position as a long-term role.

Chairs are Necessary

There’s no question that standing desks have become extremely popular in recent years. However, even if this is the case, you need to make sure you have comfortable seating in your office, too. While it may be your space, it doesn’t mean that no one else will be in here. Be sure to add seats for when other people come into the office, or when you need to work with someone on a project. This will help make everyone feel more comfortable.

Are you unsure where to begin in creating the right message with your workspace? If so, start small. Find some interesting things to ad and then make changes as you go.

If your workspace seems too cluttered, try to go through everything and get rid of what you don’t need. In the long run, this will help you portray the right message to other people. Be sure to contact Elite Office Suites to find out more about our office spaces.

How Promotional Products Can Benefit Office Rental Users

The world of small business is filled with competition. The more competition you have in your industry, the harder it will be to make any progress without the right marketing techniques. With all of the marketing tools available to office rental users, finding the right methods will take some time and research on your part. Among the most effective ways to get the word out about your business is by getting promotional products. In order to get the right products, you will have to find the right supplier in an area. Here are a couple of the reasons why having promotional products for a business can be so beneficial.

Office Rental Users Can Increase Brand Recognition

One of the first benefits that come with having promotional products is the brand recognition it can give you. The more you are able to get your brand out there for the people to see, the easier it will be for them to associate it with your business. By having a strong brand recognition, you will be able to get even more customers and will give them the products and services they need to stay loyal.

Promotional Products Provide Office Rental Users With a Great ROI

The next benefit that comes along with having promotional products made is the low cost they come with. Usually, you will be able to get a number of different promotional products without having to pay a lot of money. The returns you will be able to get from this minimal investment will be great considering the amount of exposure they will bring. Be sure to do some research in order to figure out what types of products will best reach the audience you have. The more you able to find out about your demographic, the easier it will be to get the attention you need.
If you are in need of a quality office rental for a competitive price, then look no further than Elite Office Suites in Coconut Creek Florida.